How to embrace 2024’s biggest interior trends with tiles!

How to embrace 2024’s biggest interior trends with tiles!

A New Year always brings new interior styles and, passionate about staying abreast of the latest design movements, our teams have identified three of the top looks for the upcoming year and showcased how to achieve these styles using a selection of our beautiful tiles.


 From clashing prints and rich colour palettes, there’s set to be a resurgence of retro in 2024. It’s common for décor styles from previous decades to make a reappearance, albeit with some slight modern tweaks, and typically it’s the feeling of nostalgia and familiarity that keeps bringing back momentous design staples time after time – and, we’re here for it!

Becca Keenan, our New Products Designer, and Emma Hughes, Studio Manager came together last year to create their version of the Retro trend and demonstrate how best to incorporate this look using two of our most cherished heritage collections – Artworks and Victorian Floor Tiles.

‘The 70’s was best known for its strong, earthy tones such as brown, orange and rust and it was this colour palette that inspired our Retro hallway. Naturally, to achieve this look, we gravitated towards our Artworks and Victorian Floor Tile collections which are renowned for recreating classic styles’ – Becca Keenan.

‘On the walls, we opted for our new Ochre glaze in an iconic metro format alongside Skirting, Dentil and Astragal mouldings for the perfect dado finish. With the Victorian Floor Tile design, our Bloomsbury pattern and Woolf border in Holkham Dune, Black and Red emanate classic print designs from the 70’s bringing the look together. Although bold, it evokes a strong nostalgic feeling, creating a characteristic scheme that’ll never date’ – Emma Hughes.


 The Grandmillennial interior trend embraces typically outdated décor and combines it with modern influences - think, floral patterns, frills, pastel palettes and vintage designs reimagined into a fresh, chintzy inspired scheme.

‘With this granny-chic trend, pattern clashes and pretty colours are the key elements for achieving this look. Our Living range is brimming with a host of pattern designs, created by hand in our Exeter studio, and Canopy Beech are the perfect tiles for a Grandmillennial inspired scheme’ – Becca Keenan.

‘We’ve created a kitchen design to best showcase how to get the Grandmillennial look, with Canopy Beech taking centre focus, we’ve emphasised the tiles dusty pink hues by painting the walls and cabinetry in a complementary rose tone. We then accessorised with a lace-lined curtain, natural woods, mismatched crockery, a shaded wall lamp and of course a chequered pattern Victorian Floor Tile design in traditional colours – Red and Brown. Collectively, the different styles, patterns and textures create a harmonised scheme that exudes vintage appeal’ – Emma Hughes.

Colour Drench

 Rich, earthy, and an unusual interior colour choice, brown is set to be one of the top colour’s for 2024 so it only made sense for us to embrace a chocolate palette for the Colour Drench trend.

Colour Drenching is where the same colour is splashed on every surface, furnishing and accessory to create an intense, vibrant scheme with real wow-factor and, using brown as the primary accent colour, adds even more drama with its dark, coffee tones and subtle nod to the current obsession with 70s revival.

‘Our sumptuous Chestnut glaze from the Winchester collection was our go-to tile for this look. Featuring varying intensities of brown hues due to its undulating, reflective surface this tile adds further depth to the Colour Drench scheme. We opted to pair the field tiles with the coordinating Torus moulding and Victorian Floor Tiles, in the York pattern, for a more traditional look and to showcase how a modern trend can be adapted to suit a classic design’ – Becca Keenan.

‘When it came to completing the look, sourcing furnishings in brown hues was obviously key, which was a little tricky with sanitary ware. However, we found a gorgeous concrete sink from Kast in their ‘Wheat’ colourway - the perfect soft shade of taupe to complement this trend. Together with chocolate brown paint, brass finishes and natural materials, the Colour Drench look is complete and what a gorgeous result’ – Emma Hughes.

Explore our tile collections online or in a showroom to create your own adaptations of these top three interior trends for 2024. 

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