Finishing touches - how to use mouldings, tile trims and grouts

Finishing touches - how to use mouldings, tile trims and grouts

Mouldings, tile trims, grouts and all the other finishing touches associated with tiling can often be overlooked or a last minute thought, however, these accessories can complete a tiling project to perfection. Many of our tile collections are available with coordinating mouldings and border tiles that be used to frame, highlight and finish tiled spaces seamlessly.


Wall tiles and mouldings

Our Winchester collection is hand-crafted by skilled artisans in our Devon factory. Exuding rustic charm and offering an authentic appeal, tiles and moudlings from the Winchester collection are perfect for those looking to add character to a space. The Winchester collection offers a whole host of glazed wall tiles in a variety of colours, many of which have a coordinating moulding. 


Including a moulding in your scheme is a great way to lift simple décor and add interest. If you prefer the look of plain, glossy metro tiles - adding a decorative border or skirting in the same colour will provide a detailed twist:



There are four ranges within the Winchester collection; Elements, rustic brick tiles in muted hues and bolder shades; Residence, glossy glazes in a number of formats; Artisan, with mellow tones inspired by nature; and Classic, traditional formats in a wide range of colours and mouldings as well as a selection of whimsical designs.

It’s not just our Winchester collection that hosts an array of mouldings, our Artworks collection also features a number of intricate border and skirting designs. Perfect for adding a decorative edge to simple field and brick tiles, our Artworks collection includes many classic colour options as well as contemporary shades of grey, allowing you to explore both traditional as well as modern tile and moulding combinations. Choose from simple a Omega pencil style, timeless Egg and Dart and detailed Hogarth. These mouldings are great in areas where tiles fill half a wall or come to dado height as they help to create a stylish, sophisticated finish.



Trims and Grout

Whilst selecting tiles can be an exciting process, choosing a grout colour may seem less important in comparison – but with a bit of careful consideration, choosing the right grout colour can really complete a project. The most popular options when it comes to grout are shades of grey, limestone and jasmine, depending on the colour of your chosen tiles. Choosing a darker colour grout can reduce the appearance of stains and general wear and tear but also it creates a stylish contrasting feature against lighter coloured tiles – imagine white metro wall tiles teamed with grey grout.

Trims can be used around windows to hide any tile edges, as a border around tiles where they don’t fill an entire wall and even in smaller spaces, like alcoves or recesses. Choose from a variety of finishes, shades and thickness, all of which will help you create a sleek and streamlined finish to your tile project.


With the amount of aspects to consider in a tiling project, we appreciate this process can be slightly overwhelming. However, this experience can remain fun and exciting by having a tile specialist walk you through your tile design journey and provide you with expert guidance. We work with over 2,000 retailers across the world so that you can choose your perfect Original Style tiles in confidence. 

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