A Victorian Floor Tile hallway makeover with Stacey from @end_of_the_row

A Victorian Floor Tile hallway makeover with Stacey from @end_of_the_row

When we say that tiles can completely transform a space, this is what we mean! We teamed up with Stacey Dyer, creator and founder of @end_of_the_row on Instagram, to help bring her hallway dreams to life.


Stacey’s Instagram account and blog focuses on the renovation of her Edwardian/Victorian home, where she shares the journey with over 230,000 followers. We were delighted to work with Stacey on this project, especially when we discovered she loves our Victorian Floor Tile collection as much as we do. We caught up with her to find out how the final project came together.

Original Style: Please could you tell us a little bit about you and your blog/Instagram account, End of the Row? How did it all start and how have your platforms grown to where they are today?

Stacey: After moving into our house in 2015 we started to document our renovations for our own reference. Over the next few years, we started to build a following and seven years later it has organically grown to 232k. I come from a background in the beauty industry but have always had a passion, and I guess a bit of an eye for interiors, but I never dreamt that it would become what it is today. I’m now studying Interior Design and hope to be able to work full time in the wonderful world of interiors.

Original Style: Tell us about your property, do you know when it was built? Does it have any interesting history?

Stacey: Our house was built in 1910, making it on the Edwardian/Victorian cusp. It’s in an old Suffolk market town where many of the buildings date back to the 1500’s so my house feels relatively new.

Original Style: What made you opt for this style of property?

Stacey: We lived in an old property beforehand which was built in 1880 so have always loved old properties. When we came to view this house, we instantly fell in love with the entrance hall with its stained glass windows and original corbels. We knew we had to have it.

Original Style: What made you choose Original Style’s Victorian Floor Tiles?

Stacey: The pattern choice and how you can mix different colours with different tile styles or switch up the border tile. It felt like I could make it original to us but still keep a classic look.

Original Style: What advice would you give to people looking to incorporate Victorian Floor tiles within their interior? How can they best achieve this look?

Stacey: Go for it. It makes such a difference to the feel of the room. Even the postman stops to admire them when I open the door! Maybe if a full tile is a bit too much, then a simpler pattern with a beautiful border could work. Or maybe a Victorian tile could be added to a hearth area or a fireplace surround. They are timeless and instantly take a room to the next level with minimal effort.

Original Style: What would you say is your interior style and what were the main objectives of your hallway renovation?

Stacey: I love a maximalist style where everything is a little mismatched. I love to mix contemporary pieces with vintage and I’m not afraid to go bold with a bit of colour.  The hallway is very dark, so we knew we wanted to lighten the floor up but also have a bold pattern. We wanted the floor to be the statement piece of the hall so have pared everything else down a little to make sure the tiles were the star of the show.

Original Style: We offer a CAD (computer aided design) service, did you use this? If so, did it help you visualise the tiles in your home?

Stacey: We did and it showed us how the tile configuration and colour may look in our hallway.

Original Style: Why did you choose the Blenheim Victorian Floor Tile pattern and Kingsley border in a contemporary colourway?

Stacey: I tend to have a colour thread through my house which is green and blue so I always knew this colourway would work for our home. I also really loved the centrepiece tile as it looked similar to some fireplace tiles I have in the lounge. We also have a similar colourway on our exterior path tiles, so this flowed nicely. The Kingsley border is so classic and timeless, and we also have this tile on a different fireplace so I felt that it all complemented the rest of the house.

Original Style: Where did you find your inspiration for the renovation of your hallway?

Stacey: We wanted to keep it pretty simple, and I have taken a lot of inspiration from traditional Victorian halls so knew I wanted to bring the character back into the room.

Original Style: How important were the tiles in the renovation of your hallway and what was it that you found appealing about them?

Stacey: I’m such an aesthetic person, I love pattern, shape and colour and I knew this hall could take it. I wanted a fresh look but still in busy-ish style and these tiles fitted the bill.

Find out more about our Victorian Floor tile collection here and visit your local retailer to get started on your own project!

We always recommend that our Victorian Floor tiles are installed by an experienced tiler.


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