Wood Ker Tiles

If you are looking for a sophisticated, stylish Edimax tile then look no further because here at Clay and Rock we have the right tile to suit your style and home perfectly. When deciding on a floor tile for your home it’s important to find a tile that compliments your style. If you have a homely rustic style then these Wood Ker tiles are perfect. Wood Ker tiles are made of the highest quality porcelain by Edimax in Italy. The floor tiles look like traditional wooden floorboards and are available in a range of shades from rich dark Mahogany through to washed out natural driftwood. The advantage of Wood Ker tiles over traditional wooden flooring is the durability along with the ease of maintenance.  This provides you with hassle free stylish flooring that compliments your home. For the best price in Edimax Wood Ker tiles and for fantastic service from start to finish contact us.