WOOD_KER Porcelain Flooring

We have been busy with a high customer demand for our WOOD_KER Porcelain flooring. This product is truly amazing as it gives such a true look of wood flooring but is made out of porcelain. There are many reasons why porcelain is preferable to wood. For example in a kitchen or a bathroom were water could be an issue, obviously with a Porcelain this is not a problem. Wood also can tend to bleach with sunlight again this will not happen with the WOOD_KER products. They are so easy to keep clean, without any need for sealing and are completely hygienic. The added plus is that they are amazing conductors for your “warmup” Under Floor Heating, if you really want to push the boat out!! The WOOD_KER range of porcelain wood comes in four shades from Walnut to Grey (which looks like driftwood). We do have other ranges of porcelain wood one called SELECT. This range gives the look of a more distressed look. Probably a Shabby Chic look! It has the same benefits as the WOOD_KERR and comes in four shades Moka, Kaki, Ash and Light. In my humble opinion I just love the SELECT LIGHT. The reason being that I just love everything white and with this product you do not need to worry about staining etc………..Bliss!!! Right will be back soon, with some news on our new delivery of French Furniture. Also I cannot go, without saying that we are awaiting some new displays of the most amazing Stone. Although porcelain is selling very well as it has great practical benefits; We still love stone, when you think about how old the stone is it is actually incredible to have it in your home. We will upload some photographs shortly.