Porcelain or Limestone tiles?

We are constantly being asked by our customers the same question……………Should they choose Porcelain tiles or Stone? I am sure we will all agree that Limestone, Slate and Marble floor and wall tiles are simply stunning, from beautiful white limestone to the more rustic travertine. If you are prepared to put some graft in,  your floors will stay as beautiful as the day they were laid down. By graft we mean you must seal your stone correctly from the start. We recommend www.ltp-online.co.uk  . You must seal your stone correctly, as stone is a porous product and would stain if the stone is not sealed. Obviously the seal with wear and tear does often need replacing, you must strip the old seal off and apply the new sealer. More advice on this can be obtained from us, if you need it. If you really feel that your life is too busy to be thinking about maintaining your stone floor!!! Why not consider the amazing porcelain options that are on the market. I must admit to having porcelain in my own home. To be honest the products on the market now are so good, it takes a well trained eye to actually see that it isn’t stone. You can see from our products page some of the porcelain options available. In a shower we would really recommend a porcelain option, with the constant use of most showers and the steam etc, to have porcelain in the shower is the sensible option. As the steam does break down the seal eventually. If it’s a bathroom, it isn’t as much of a problem. The beautiful porcelain options are incredible. Please call in to visit us and see our many displays. For more information try www.edimax.it or www.coem.it or www.verde1999.com to name a few good companies that we are stockists for. We hope this is helped to make your decision easier!?

Tiles Supplied to Heswall

We are continually sourcing both classic and contemporary products as we like to make sure we have unique and interesting flooring on offer. We are direct importers of tiles and wood flooring for many of our offered brands, so we can be extremely competitive with price and we will beat any ‘like for like’ quote. Recently we have supplied tiles to Heswall on the Wirral, which is not far from our showroom – just off the A41 and only 5 miles from Chester.

Verde1999 Tiles

Verde1999 tiles are made in Italy and are wonderfully crafted glazed porcelain stoneware tiles. These glazed porcelain stoneware tiles are manufactured with latest digital glazing technology and

La Fabbrica Tiles

The La Fabbrica porcelain tiles collection are made in Italy and are available in a selection of ranges including Grafite, Fusion, Montenapoleone, Ava, Lignum,  Fandango, Vaniglia and Bianco. Each range has its own unique colour shade and pattern to suit your requirements.

Wood Ker Tiles

If you are looking for a sophisticated, stylish Edimax tile then look no further because here at Clay and Rock we have the right tile to suit your style and home perfectly. When deciding on a floor tile for your home it’s important to find a tile that compliments your style. If you have a homely rustic style then these Wood Ker tiles are perfect. Wood Ker tiles are made of the highest quality porcelain by Edimax in Italy. The floor tiles look like traditional wooden floorboards and are available in a range of shades from rich dark Mahogany through to washed out natural driftwood. The advantage of Wood Ker tiles over traditional wooden flooring is the durability along with the ease of maintenance.  This provides you with hassle free stylish flooring that compliments your home. For the best price in Edimax Wood Ker tiles and for fantastic service from start to finish contact us.

New range of speciality tiles

We have a fantastic range of tiles to suite whichever room you decide to decorate next.  Please call into the showroom or ring for more details.  We’re happy to help.