Porcelain or Limestone tiles?

We are constantly being asked by our customers the same question……………Should they choose Porcelain tiles or Stone? I am sure we will all agree that Limestone, Slate and Marble floor and wall tiles are simply stunning, from beautiful white limestone to the more rustic travertine. If you are prepared to put some graft in,  your floors will stay as beautiful as the day they were laid down. By graft we mean you must seal your stone correctly from the start. We recommend www.ltp-online.co.uk  . You must seal your stone correctly, as stone is a porous product and would stain if the stone is not sealed. Obviously the seal with wear and tear does often need replacing, you must strip the old seal off and apply the new sealer. More advice on this can be obtained from us, if you need it. If you really feel that your life is too busy to be thinking about maintaining your stone floor!!! Why not consider the amazing porcelain options that are on the market. I must admit to having porcelain in my own home. To be honest the products on the market now are so good, it takes a well trained eye to actually see that it isn’t stone. You can see from our products page some of the porcelain options available. In a shower we would really recommend a porcelain option, with the constant use of most showers and the steam etc, to have porcelain in the shower is the sensible option. As the steam does break down the seal eventually. If it’s a bathroom, it isn’t as much of a problem. The beautiful porcelain options are incredible. Please call in to visit us and see our many displays. For more information try www.edimax.it or www.coem.it or www.verde1999.com to name a few good companies that we are stockists for. We hope this is helped to make your decision easier!?

Kahrs Wood Flooring

We are pleased to announce that our new wood floor showroom is complete. We have some lovely Engineered wood to suit most tastes and budgets. We are delighted  to now have the welcome addition of Kahrs wood flooring. www.kahrs.com – we are so impressed with their large range and also the quality of the wood flooring. Please call in and see for yourself.

Bona Spray Mop

We are very impressed with a new cleaning product that has just come into stock today. It is an amazing spray mop that cleans and cares for your wood floors. It has a microfibre cleaning pad, that is washable and comes with a refillable cartridge. The other wonderful news is the price!!! It is under £30! – it’s called The Bona Spray Mop. For more information and for a demonstration, please call in to the showroom. Not only does this mop clean your floors bur also cares for then too!